About Us

About Pavani Group of Companies

With the vision to supply high-quality building material to uplift the infrastructure of Hyderbad, Pavani Group was founded by R Prabhakar Reddy in 1994, and today it is a group of 6 companies. With the production capacity of 60 cubic meter/hour of ready mix concrete of each plant, Pavani RMC is one of the leading concrete producers in Hyderabad. This group is run by a powerful team that leaves no stone unturned in bringing customer-centric solutions.

From residential to commercial complexes and the public to private buildings, the Pavani group has been a one-stop solution to facilitate the supply of concrete while procuring its raw materials (aggregates) from their own single sheetrock quarry of 10 Hectares coming from Pavani Rock Industries.

Whether you are looking to build your own house or if you are a builder or a contractor, we can supply you with our superior quality products like ready mix concrete and aggregates. Pavani group of companies take complete responsibility to cater to the demands of the end customer with the highest quality constructed building. With sophisticated and technologically advanced machinery, we continue to supply the best quality material to our clients on time without compromising on quality.

Pavani companies are quality certified from Quality Council of India (QCI), which rightly shows our authenticity in the concrete industry. We are always here to meet your specific requirement in the best manner.

Mission: To be an innovative business solution provider to the construction industry in one of the fastest-growing economies of the world, India.

Vision: To lift the transparency, quality, responsibility, and accountability in the concrete industry and deliver our promises to the end customer.