We have our high-performance ready-mix concrete plants spread across 2 acres based out in Dundigal and Uppal. Our fully computerized machinery plants can manufacture RMC according to the customer's requirement and can be readily used. We have a team of concrete specialists and a marketing team that helps us meet the challenging projects and meet the specific quality standards without any breakdown.

We have the latest models machinery, which works at a capacity of 60 cubic meters/hour, thus ensuring that there is no disruption of the supply, and our customers can get the timely supply of premium concrete supply. From simple home projects to mega projects, Pavani RMC can cater to all types of customized orders. We are a quality certified company by Quality Council of India and conduct all the mandatory tests on the raw material as well as the final concrete mix to ensure the best quality supply to the clients.

Since years, we have been supplying the best quality concrete mix to our builders and road developers. This wouldn't be possible without producing the most excellent quality of aggreagates and robosand as they play a crucial role in strength of the concrete.

Our aggregates assure longevity of the structure and provide higher resistance even during the aggressive environment. Pavani Rock Industry has a capacity of 200tonnes/hour supplying different sizes (Robo sand, 6mm,12mm, 20mm, 40mm, 60mm) of stones to the construction industry. This capacity helps us in meeting a vast quantity of supply every year without any hurdles.

Robosand is a manufactured sand that is an eco-friendly replacement of river sand, depleting faster through a world-class technology and modern plants. Robosand eliminates wastage, which is commonly found in mined sand and thus is more economical to use.

From taking government contracts to building individual houses, apartments, and commercial complexes, Pavani Infra has helped many builders and contractors in completing the infrastructure work. Pavani infra has provided complete solution in constructing beatiful homes . It has undertaken GHMC road contracts and completed residential and commercial works in quick turnaround time with the highest quality delivery.

Pavani Infra also helps other infrastructure companies by renting out its own superior quality construction equipment like 12-tonne hydra and L&T excavator along with other construction equipment. This reduces the investment of the budding companies.

RS TECHNOLOGIES & PAVANI TECHNOLOGIES leads the PAVANI Group's foray into defence and aerospace manufacturing. In Pavani Group's vision of contributing to the development of nation, we are eager to participate in the process of transforming India into a world class defence and aerospace manufacturing destination, aligned to the Make in India initiative.

Pavani & R S Technologies supplies some of the highest-quality defence tools and equipment to the government on a tender basis. Our machines are the best in the industry and can carry any work accurately and without interruptions. We have a very dedicated team of specialists who are highly qualified and committed to excellence. All our machines undergo stringent quality control checks to ensure they are in the best condition before we start any work on them.

Our lathes can handle works like heavy flanges, pulleys, or medium-sized works like small bulkheads, brackets, etc. Our milling machines can handle all kinds of works, such as guideways, making slots, making grooves, etc. Since all our machines are calibrated frequently, they ensure accuracy in dimensions and can work continuously. Our team's sincerity and commitment towards our work have made us one of the top-most leading suppliers who always meet the deadlines.

Pavani Printers is a one-stop solution provider for all your printing requirements like brochures, flexes, flyers, and many more items; you call it, and we have it. We provide top-class printing services using the latest printing machines and also offer all kinds of printing materials for advertisement. We have years of experience behind us and have several satisfied clients on our list. By always delivering results on time, our firm has earned the trust of our customers.

We believe in constant innovation and are always updated with the latest developments in printing technology. While our quality is the best in the industry, our rates are also the most affordable. Our expertise and experience enable us to provide you with the best in the world of print every time we undertake a project. We have expanded our capabilities and can provide you with customized solutions for all your needs. We can handle projects of any scale, from small orders to bulk printing projects. Our staff has the most skilled and experienced printing experts who have worked on all kinds of printing projects. Our sincerity and passion have enabled us to exceed the expectations of our clients each time.