Our Directors

R Prabhakar Reddy founded the Pavani Group of companies is an extraordinary visionary with exceptional leadership skills. He has fantastic team management skills and has always led by example, whenever any situation arises to his team. He has been instrumental in achieving the set targets and taking their business to great heights through his decision-making capabilities. He has always been a great mentor to all the directors and guides them with his visionary skills.
Bal Reddy Ramidi, an outstanding electronic engineering student, who finished his masters in Controls and Electronics from the UK and returned to India in 2015. Coming from a business background, he came back with a vision to start Pavani RMC in Uppal& Pavani Rock Industry. His family's rich experience of business helped him immensely to efficiently administer and manage the plants to the best of the potential. As a capable director of Pavani group, he has helped drive his business to success and to enter into different verticals of business.
Sathi Reddy R, the charismatic director of the Pavani group, is a highly-skilled Biotech engineer. He returned to India in 2014 after completing his masters in the UK with the idea of launching Pavani Ready Mix concrete in Dundigal. Being from a family experienced in business, he has masterfully administered and managed the plants and achieving milestones for Pavani group every quarter.
Jagna Reddy R, with vast experience in RMC and crusher, is known for his dynamic nature. Having a sister concern plant, the SL group which deals in crushers, his efficiency in decision-making capabilities has been helpful to the Pavani group. He also has sound knowledge and invaluable experience in Real estate and RMC, which has helped him manage business affairs at Pavani admirably.
Kuchi Reddy R, brings his rich experience of finance into the Pavani group, handling all finance-related matters with his best interest. He also has extensive experience in real estate in the SL group, which is an added asset. His outstanding leadership abilities, combined with a sound knowledge of business finance, has been instrumental in enabling Pavani to attain its current high levels of success.
R. Madhavi, w/o of Prabhakar Reddy, is the perfect example for budding women entrepreneurs to emulate. A qualified graduate has proved that no goals are too high for a woman to achieve if she is persistent and has outstanding leadership skills. A perfect partner for Prabhakar Reddy, she has significantly contributed to the remarkable success of the Pavani group.